Creating high-quality ice – efficiently – doesn't have to be complex. The established technology of the Sensori-integrated OLPP™ is a comprehensive solution for chiller system management for ice arenas that focuses on ice temperature performance, energy efficiency, and safety.

Through full digitalization, system components are interconnected via the Internet of Things (IoT), ensuring seamless communication, and presenting a unified system. The system's streamlined design entails the careful selection of each device for its outstanding performance and efficiency, simplifying the process while delivering exceptional results.

Making Better Ice is this Simple

Achieving Optimal Ice Quality and Efficiency Simultaneously

It's crucial for arenas to understand their energy usage and the reasons behind it clearly. Effectively managing energy consumption is essential for controlling the overall operational costs of ice arenas.

Oxford's chiller platform integrates a transparent energy profile that provides real-time insights into how the system utilizes energy. This transparency is designed to empower facilities with knowledge about their energy consumption.

The energy profile displays the total energy use and encompasses the brine pump, temperature pull- down during season start-up, and the energy required for ice production and maintenance.

Having this detailed information allows ice technicians to make informed decisions and implement strategies to optimize energy usage, ultimately leading to cost savings and more sustainable operations. There is no need to sacrifice premium ice quality for efficiency.

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When technicians have confidence in the safety of their equipment and clear, concise information about their system's performance - they gain control and are better able to manage facilities.

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