OES Customer Service and Support: Elevating Operations Through Collaborative Solutions

At Oxford Energy Solutions, our approach revolves around cultivating robust partnerships with our clients. Through close collaboration, we delve into a profound understanding of their operations and aspirations, aligning ourselves seamlessly with their vision.

As fully committed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we maintain a collaborative approach that spans the entire spectrum, from the initial design phase to full implementation, handling all design aspects in-house. Our goal is to ensure that the ultimate solution perfectly aligns with our client's requirements in terms of functionality, design, optimal process control, future scalability, ease of adaptation, maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.

Our tailor-made process temperature control solutions bring added value, elevating operational processes and enhancing overall efficiency. Our commitment extends beyond the installation, start-up, and commissioning phases. We stay actively engaged by offering operator training and fine-tuning equipment to suit specific operational needs. We provide ongoing support during the learning process and ensure access to our round-the-clock refrigeration experts for any assistance required.

Systems & Services

  • Schnieder Gatemanager and Linkmanager secure server systems with integrated remote access
  • SCADA System Integration
  • System and site design for all applications such as refrigeration, hydronic chilled and heated water systems, supply pumps, pressure system, heat exchange systems, etc.
  • AutoCAD layouts available for mechanical and electrical implementation.
  • Emerson E2 system integration for refrigeration systems and building automation that will control everything from lighting to hvac.
  • Systems designed and built for end users and other contractors that do not have the resources for complex system integration.
  • Specializing in commercial/industrial/agricultural and ice making refrigeration equipment.
  • Heat recovery systems for large and small scale projects.
  • Heat pump repair/service.
  • Central Heating/Cooling plant equipment service and build spec. equipment.
  • Scheduled service on equipment, maintenance contracts, CFIA maintenance logs for food plants.
  • We offer 24/7 quality service as we are one of Ontario's largest stocked service companies carrying a full line of scroll and semi-hermetic compressors, controls, vfd's, etc.

Emerson Elite Controls Contractor

For approved installation/service/repair to all Emerson automation products including CPC E2 systems, Emerson Supervisor Control Platform, stand alone and integrated coldroom controls, TCP/IP network systems, vfd controls, and RS-232/485 networking and system programming.  Custom screen layouts and designs for all E2 systems available.

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