Oxford Refrigeration Inc is a refrigeration and process control O.E.M company that offers custom solutions to any of your project requirements.

  • Condensing units ranging from 1 to 60hp with scrolls, semi-hermetic or screw compressors.
  • Variable rate on condensers with floating head and one-piece condenser fan motor/blade assemblies is standard, this results in lower operating charge and less system pressure drop.
  • Digital modulation or Variable speed on all compressor models is available.
  • Chiller design from 5hp to 450hp,  package or split systems.
  • Ice rink equipment,  Ice flakers and tube ice systems.
  • Dehumidification equipment for ice surfaces and for cooler storages.
  • Control panels for all applications from variable speed motor control cabinets to storage coolers with humidity control, alarm management and call out device built in.

New Technologies

Vapour Drive ™

The Vapour Drive ™ is here. Oxford’s Vapour Drive ™ technology is a market changing addition to the LPP.

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Oxford Sensori Control ™

The Sensori Control ™ platform is the first of its kind in the refrigeration industry.

The platform is designed to be an open structure with no limitations to future designs and adapted equipment.

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Double-sided horizontal scroll compressor